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2021 Top 5 Cell Phone Radiation Protective Phone Cases

The ongoing debate over cell phone radiation health issues continues.  On one side, the mobile phone industry claims, there is no sufficient evidence that holding a powerful radio transmitting device effects the brain or health of the consumer.

However, electromagnetic frequency (EMF) scientist and health officials report numerous studies and health warnings to the public along with mobile phone manufacturers and Operating System software companies.

We found specialty EMF blocking phone cases as a real solution for health minded mobile phone users. Out of the handful of options sold on the market, most fail to sufficiently block radiation. However, Cruz Cases, is one exception that provides a high level (99%) of attenuation (blocking) of the radio signals directed into the brain.

Cruz Cases based in Salt Lake City Utah, founded by John Cruz, has been providing Cruz phone cases for 8+ years, but remain relatively unknown.  We attribute that to poor-marketing and inventory management resulting in many models often running out of stock.  Cruz cases radiation blocking has been confirmed by the Senior Engineer at Alpha Labs, manufacturer of the Tri-Meter, radiation detection meters.

For 2021, we rate Cruz Cases as the #1 solution for cell phone radiation protection for the brain and body. Other phone case companies come a distant 2nd but worth mentioning are listed below.

1. Cruz Cases A Rated:  Proprietary Reflectrixcore shielding material and stitched reinforced stitching for durable blocks 99% EMF with no radiation leaks. When Cruz cases resolve inventory issues, we would raise our rating to A+. 


2. Radiarmor Cases C+ Rated: Uses low-ended shielding material for lower production costs but low ratio radiation protection. However, durable construction. 


3. RF Safe Anti-Radiation Cases C Rated: Average shielding but poorly placed shielding results in lower than expected protection. However, the company has a respectable marketing program of its products. 


4. SYB (Shield Your Body) C- Rating: Protects but with radiation leaks around perimeter of the phone case resulting in radiation absorption.
5. Safesleeve D+  Rating:  Better than no protection case using low cost shielding material.

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