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If you’ve been the victim of cyber blackmail, what steps should you take?

If you haven’t been the victim of online blackmail including threats like these, consider yourself fortunate. Individuals are increasingly being targeted by cybercriminals, who are devising new methods to defraud them. Extortion by email is the most prevalent kind of fraud.

Every day, the antifraud and antispam teams at Zoho seek to identify new ways to tackle cybercrime. When it comes to protecting our customers from becoming victims of abuse, our staff is always looking for new and better ways to do so.

Given how heavily we’ve grown to depend on technology in our everyday lives, we’re doing all we can to increase awareness about cybercrime and prevent it. Now is the time to put our practise knowledge to the test. The spammer makes the threat seem genuine by using a password that appears to be the victim’s. They claim that a keylogger was used to get the password (a malicious monitoring tool). Spammers may easily exploit people’s lack of technological expertise in this manner. Because pornographic viewers are easy targets, extortion has evolved into what is now known as “sextortion.” In case of any  الابتزاز الإلكتروني, please visit our website.

What should I do if I get an extortion email?

To illustrate how we can find out, let’s return to our prior scenario.

It was indeed received by a buddy of mine. The Anti-Fraud and Security bureaus were immediately contacted. Our researchers focused on data breaches since they knew this is how thieves often get stolen information. The extortion email was sent out in response to the 2012 LinkedIn breach.

Take the following precautions to protect yourself if you’ve been the victim of cyber blackmail:

Check to see if any sensitive data has been compromised.

As I previously reported, in the well-publicized LinkedIn data breach of 2012, a hacker obtained access to 6.5 million encrypted passwords and then put them on an unapproved discussion board. Because so many businesses have been harmed by data breaches, they’ve gotten a lot of attention. On the dark web, stolen data is often sold for a high price. Everything starts to go wrong at this moment.

If you’ve ever been a victim of cyber blackmail via a password you use or may have used in the past, you should change all of your passwords right away. Next, look to see whether your email has been compromised in any way. You can find out which site has been hacked and change your password. Avoid leaving traces of your existence in places where you aren’t supposed to be.

Because cybercriminals understand how important email has become in our daily lives, they create websites that are likely to attract new customers. A website dedicated to video games, for example, may be the emphasis. When you join up for these types of websites using your email address, hackers get access to your account. Your other critical accounts may be jeopardised if you used one of your most crucial passwords on their site. This might turn out to be devastating. You can visit our website in case of ابتزاز.

Recognize that the spammer might just be a novice looking for a foot in the door.

Providing a spammer with your email address is frequently enough to obtain access to your accounts. How? In 2016, when the hashed passwords from the 2012 LinkedIn hack were made public, 753,305 people had the password ‘123456.’ In hindsight, this weak password is straightforward to decipher. A different method was used to gain your email address. Simple! To leave a digital footprint, provide your email address on a website that is indexed by a search engine.


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